16 September 2019
16 September 2019,

If you turn on the TV or open the newspaper, you read gloom and doom for the American economy. Seems like the tariffs on Chinese imports drive the narrative. But, not everybody is pessimistic. In contrast, Sierra American Multi-Systems joins Whirlpool, and Caterpillar in seeing a silver lining.  From CNC fly cutters to dryers, American manufacturers see opportunity in the “trade war” with China.

Heavy Machinery

Jim Umpleby, CEO of Caterpillar Inc. told the Wall Street Journal they had encouraged negotiators to make a deal with the Chinese. Consequently, when it didn’t happen, they just adapted.

We’re cautiously optimistic here that, as we had been for some time, that the issues will be resolved and we’ll all move forward,” Mr. Umpleby said in a May 2 interview. “Free trade is good…for all of us.”

Seems like Caterpillar knows China isn’t the only supply chain source. Hence, they will look to other countries. Therefore, if you manufacture parts, they may need you.

Household Products

Umpleby’s optimism isn’t flying solo. Over at Whirlpool, where they make appliances, the impact estimate was decreased.

Yes, decreased.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Whirlpool Corp.  lowered their estimate of the impact of tariffs on their business from $300 million to between $200 million and $250 million. Keep in mind that Whirlpool operates the largest dryer manufacturing plant in the world in Marion, Ohio. They aren’t slowing down.

So, if you manufacture motors, screws, wheels or other parts for washers and dryers, Whirlpool needs you.

Seeing the Best Possible Finish

Just as CNC fly cutters provide the best possible finish, the current trade situation might have a great finish. The agile, motivated machine shop wins.

Manufacturers aren’t going to stop. They need parts. Why not be the company that steps up to fill the gap? Maybe this is your big chance.

Finally, RJ Corman Railroad Switching Company expanded recently. Therefore, new customers in South Carolina and Arkansas means more switches. More switches need more parts. Maybe, RJ Corman needs you.

So, the question is do you see opportunities? Can you visualize the best possible finish? Like the finish your CNC fly cutters leave on every part that leaves your shop? Sierra American Multi-Systems sees unlimited opportunity.

CNC fly cutters are made in the USA

American Made CNC Fly Cutters for American Manufacturers

Sierra American supports American manufacturing. Making CNC fly cutters, slitting saw arbors, and more is an honor.


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