13 November 2018

CNC Tool Tray Makes a Great Gift

13 November 2018,

Need a great gift for a machinist? A CNC tool tray makes a great gift. Here’s why. It doesn’t matter what kind of machine […]

19 August 2018

5C Collet Wrench Simple Tool for a Common Problem

19 August 2018,

There’s a common problem with anything in the world that spins. In machining we call it runout. Runout refers to the inaccuracy of any […]

27 October 2017

Don’t be Afraid of Slitting Saw Arbors or Blades

27 October 2017,

Just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean you need to get all afraid of your tools. Your shop isn’t possessed, even if things are […]

27 September 2017

Ultra Precision Arbor Company Shares Good News for Metalworkers

27 September 2017,

Sierra American Multi-Systems, maker of the ultra precision arbor, fly cutter and other CNC tools is pleased to share some good news for metalworkers. […]

CNC flycutter set Sierra American
26 July 2016

Fly Cutters

26 July 2016,

Fly cutters are technically any single point cutter that you attach to your mill.  They are the one finishing and facing tool no shop […]