a good slitting saw arbor is a safe harbor
27 October 2015

Slitting Saw Arbors Give Your Saw A Safe Harbor

27 October 2015,

Slitting and slotting saws are common in the shop of a hobbyist and in professional CNC shops. They do have special uses and considerations. […]

cnc fly cutters by Sierra American
30 September 2015

Fly Cutters Aren’t Just for Manual Machinists

30 September 2015,

Manual machinists know that if you want a fine finish, you’ve got to use a fly cutter. While CNC machinists may rely on face […]

micro drill adapters
22 September 2015

Micro Drill Adapters Key to Micro Machining

22 September 2015,

What is Micro-Machining? Micro-machining isn’t just about making things in miniature. Yes, many medical and electronic applications require micro drilling; however, ultra fine drilling […]

26 August 2015

Precision Saw Arbors for Cutting Grinding and Tool Sharpening

26 August 2015,

Today’s CNC machining centers are built with powerful motors and are used in a variety of applications. But whether you are making shafts and […]

R8 tool holder made in the USA
12 August 2015

Collet Wrenches Make You a Quick Change Expert

12 August 2015,

Collets in the CNC Shop Collet is a term that gets tossed about freely in metal working and wood working shops. It’s one of […]