22 February 2016

Ultra Precision Arbors and Software for Medical Machining

22 February 2016,

Machining for the medical industry has its own set of challenges. Between the materials and scale required, you need all the help you can […]

30 December 2015

The Language of Micromachining: Micro Drill Adapters, Peck Cycles, and Spades

30 December 2015,

Micromachining isn’t new. People have been machining in miniature in some form or another for years. What is new is the degree to which […]

18 December 2015

Collet Wrenches, LED Headlamps, and Other Great Gifts

18 December 2015,

Yikes, Christmas is just around the corner and you still haven’t picked out just the right gift for the machinist in your life. Now […]

a good slitting saw arbor is a safe harbor
27 October 2015

Slitting Saw Arbors Give Your Saw A Safe Harbor

27 October 2015,

Slitting and slotting saws are common in the shop of a hobbyist and in professional CNC shops. They do have special uses and considerations. […]

cnc fly cutters by Sierra American
30 September 2015

Fly Cutters Aren’t Just for Manual Machinists

30 September 2015,

Manual machinists know that if you want a fine finish, you’ve got to use a fly cutter. While CNC machinists may rely on face […]