8 November 2016

Fly Cutters to Face Mills – A Bright Future for CNC Machinists

8 November 2016,

If you have a home shop and machine as a hobby, you might consider making it a career.  It doesn’t matter if you finish […]

29 September 2016

Use the Ultimate CNC Flycutter for the Ultimate Finish

29 September 2016,

Sure manual machinists are big on flycutters.  But conventional wisdom holds that for CNC machining you should use a face mill.  Hogwash. It doesn’t […]

13 September 2016

The Case for Micro Drill Adapters

13 September 2016,

The Case for Micro Drill Adapters If you’ve ever tried to drill a very small hole with a drill press or milling machine, you […]

8 June 2016

Mechanical Cards, CNC Fly Cutters and other Great Father’s Day Gifts

8 June 2016,

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  If there is a machinist Dad in the family, get him a gift that shows you appreciate […]

23 May 2016

Dummies Guide to Micro Drill Adapters

23 May 2016,

Crash test dummies may not be the smartest tools in the shed, but even they know certain tricks of the CNC trade.  Even they […]