fly cutter made by Sierra American
30 September 2015

Fly Cutters Aren’t Just for Manual Machinists

30 September 2015,

Manual machinists know that if you want a fine finish, you’ve got to use a fly cutter. While CNC machinists may rely on face […]

micro drill adapters
22 September 2015

Micro Drill Adapters Key to Micro Machining

22 September 2015,

What is Micro-Machining? Micro-machining isn’t just about making things in miniature. Yes, many medical and electronic applications require micro drilling; however, ultra fine drilling […]

26 August 2015

Precision Saw Arbors for Cutting Grinding and Tool Sharpening

26 August 2015,

Today’s CNC machining centers are built with powerful motors and are used in a variety of applications. But whether you are making shafts and […]

R8 tool holder made in the USA
12 August 2015

Collet Wrenches Make You a Quick Change Expert

12 August 2015,

Collets in the CNC Shop Collet is a term that gets tossed about freely in metal working and wood working shops. It’s one of […]

slitting saw arbors
29 July 2015

Get the Most from Your Slitting Saw and Slitting Saw Arbor

29 July 2015,

To the starting home machinist, nothing can strike fear in the heart like a slitting saw, unless perhaps it is the fly cutter. But […]