13 August 2019

How the R8 Tool Holder Changed Machining

13 August 2019,

R8 tool holder or Morse taper? The debate into which is better has been going on for years. If you know this blog, you […]

28 May 2019

Tariffs Won’t Impact This R8 Tool Holder

28 May 2019,

Been shopping online for tools and supplies lately? If so, you’ve seen most tool sites with disclaimers that prices may or may represent impact […]

13 May 2019

CNC40 Tool Tray Company Wants to Know If You Have What it Takes

13 May 2019,

Sierra American Multi-systems is more than just a tool and tray manufacturer. We keep our eyes out for any information about CNC machining or […]

26 March 2019

Why CNC 40 Tool Trays Will Make You Organize Everything

26 March 2019,

Is your shop a model of organization? Does everything have a place and does everything always find its way back to its place? Or, […]

20 September 2018

R8 Tool Holder Trays Hold R8 Collets That Hold Tools

20 September 2018,

Sorry, not sorry. You’ve got to admit that title is fun. Because in the shop, a tool holder can be a collet or a […]