22 May 2018
22 May 2018,

Does the idea of machining one, ten or hundreds of small holes strike fear in your heart? Are you afraid of small holes in irregular patterns? What frightens you most, the holes or drilling the holes? If you are afraid of small holes, you have trypophobia. There is no cure.  If you are afraid of drilling small holes, you are in luck. A micro drill adapter can cure what ails you.

Fear of Small Holes

Trypophobia is the fear of small holes. It was first described in 2013 in the journal, Psychological Science. People with trypophobia aren’t afraid of holes themselves, they are afraid of images of holes. Especially very small holes in an irregular pattern. For example, the seed pods from the lotus plant, a honeycomb, or a bit of skin from a chicken can be enough to make your skin crawl. One in ten men has this phobia.

Does this picture make you uncomfortable?

Since most irrational fears are based on danger (fear of heights equals fear of fall and injury), scientists postulate that this fear of holes is also related to danger. Since honeycombs are full of bees, bees sting, ergo honeycombs with many small holes are to be feared.

Fear of Drilling Small Holes

Fear of machining small holes isn’t irrational. Small holes require small drill bits. Small drill bits break easily. It’s hard to use a big piece of machinery to drill a small hole because you can’t really feel what is going on. Drilling small holes gives you a feeling that you’ve lost control. Whether you machine manually or using CNC, you’ve got to be in control.

drill tiny holes with a micro drill adapter

Does the idea of drilling these holes make you uncomfortable?

It’s that loss of control and all those broken drill bits that makes you fear drilling small holes. Good news! Your fear can be cured with the use of a micro drill adapter.

How a Micro Drill Adapter Works

A micro drill adapter attaches to your drill press. It fits with keyed or key-less chucks. Install the bit in the adapter. Now you have fingertip control during the peck cycle. That control puts you back in the driver’s seat. Take that tiny holes! You’ll drill without breaking bits because you have tactile feel of the bit. It becomes an extension of your arm. Sweet.

Don’t Fear Small Holes – Let Sierra American Multi-Systems Help

Sierra American Multi-Systems can’t cure trypophobia.  But they’ve got the cure for the fear of drilling small holes. The AF-22 micro drill adapter is the treatment. It is the most accurate micro drill adapters made. And, it is made in the USA. Hardened with double shielded bearings and warranted for 5 years.

micro drill adapter

The cure for fear of drilling small holes

Stop being afraid of drilling small holes and ask for Sierra American micro drill adapter where you buy your machine tools.

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