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16 March 2017
16 March 2017,

Milling machines have evolved to bring more power and more precision to the craft.  As the need for precision increased, the machinery became more sophisticated.  Today’s computerized mills are capable of ultra precision cuts.  Such ultra precision processes call for ultra precision arbors. American machinists rely on American made cutting tool holders from Sierra American Multi-Systems.

The Need for Speed and Precision

The guys in Top Gun might have felt the need for speed, but today’s machinists feel the need for speed and precision. It doesn’t matter if your shop does rapid prototyping, small runs, or large runs. Your customer’s needs are your needs.  Customers want quick turnaround and they want tight tolerances. You must deliver. Ultra fast, ultra precision and on-time. From precision, micro-machining to industrial engraving you need tools and parts you can rely on.  That’s where Sierra American Multi-Systems can help.

High Quality American Made Products for American Machinists

Sierra American Multi Systems manufacturers high quality cutting tool holders and shop supplies right here in the USA.  Every ultra precision saw arbor is made in San Juan Capistrano with the same care and attention to detail you use in your own shop.

ultra precision arbors made in the USA

Long reach, general purposes arbors are just the beginning of our product line.  While our standard arbors are famous for getting you as close as possible; it’s our gold series of ultra precision arbors that make us stand out.

Ultra Precision Arbors for Carbide and Cobalt High Speed Saws

Tool sharpening, grinding, or cutting? Our gold series ultra precision arbors have deep, low profile caps. Your blades get extra support and you get less cutter slippage.

ultra precision arbors by Sierra American

This design allows for the machinist to work with the closest cutter to the work area possible.  You can get closer than with any other saw arbor on the market.  Its the gold standard in ultra precision arbors and it is only made by Sierra American.

Ask for It by Name

What’s in a name?  While a rose by any other name may still smell as sweet, an ultra precision arbor that’s not made by Sierra American doesn’t have the same quality.

Don’t get ripped off by cheap, foreign imitators.  Ask for Sierra American by name where ever you buy your tools and supplies.  If they don’t have it, ask them to order it.  As an American machinist, you only do the best work and you deserve the best quality.


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