29 January 2019
29 January 2019,

While CNC equipment is powerful, that power is a waste if you can’t control it. Whether you are making micro cuts for medical applications or machining gears for aeronautics, that power doesn’t do you any good if you don’t have precision. Precision cuts require a blade held rigidly by a precision saw arbor.

a precision saw blade must be held by a precision saw arborCarbide and Cobalt Blades Give Precision

There was a time when high speed steel was used for precision saw blades. There was also a time they thought bleeding a person would get rid of illness.  Thank goodness they discovered antibiotics. And thank goodness that carbide has replaced high speed steel. High speed steel still works great for drilling,  but carbide is better for cutting with speed. Depending on the application, you can run carbide 4 to 12 times faster than even cobalt-enhanced high speed steel.

The addition of cobalt to high speed steel results in a saw blade that’s strong and resists wear.

Carbide or cobalt give burr-free cuts. That first pass cut saves the time on further machining. Pair ultra high speed saw blades with CNC control for high speed ultra high precision cuts.

A Precision Saw Demands a Precision Saw Arbor

How do you define precision? According to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary, precision is the quality or state of being precise, exact, or accurate. A precision saw blade is used for controlled cuts.  The saw arbor must be as precise as the blade.  Sierra American Multi-systems understands the need for ultra precision. In addition to slitting saw arbors and general reach arbors, we manufacture a line of ultra precision saw arbors for those precise cutting situations. The precision saw arbor has a weldon shank and:

  • Deep, low profile cap for the closest cutter to work area you will ever find
  • Extra support that reduces cutter slippage
  • a Vibra-Core design to reduce cutter vibration
  • Extra long reach

saw arbor by Sierra AmericanA Saw Arbor Made in the USA

Sierra American is an American manufacturing company. Every arbor, wrench, and multistop we sell is made in the USA.

Don’t settle for foreign made inferior arbors. Why mess with a precision saw arbor that chatters slips, and doesn’t provide precision at all? Put your trust in quality tools, made in the USA by workers who understand your need for reliability. Every Sierra American precision saw arbor is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Ask for Sierra American brand where you buy your tools. A precision saw blade is only as precise as the precision saw arbor that holds it in place.

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