7 January 2016
7 January 2016,

Want your shop to operate as smoothly as the finish you get from a fly cutter? Here are a couple of ideas for resolutions from the folks that know CNC fly cutters, slitting saws, and the ins and outs of an efficient shop.

Start Using More Software

You may be used to using some sort of software to calculate feeds and speeds, but if desk-office-workspace-coworkingthat is the only software you use…you aren’t alone.

The CNC Cookbook folks (and they are software people) surveyed their base to find out how CNC machinists were calculating cut depth and cut size and found out they were doing everything but using software.

If software is available use it. Use it for:

  • Feeds and speeds
  • Optimizing cut depth and width
  • Tooling information

Your software can calculate hundreds of scenarios before you can even recognize them. Use software to automate any manual calculations you make. Your tasks will be made easier and your tools will last longer.

Get Organized

organize your shop to operate as smooth as the finish from a cnc fly cutter

courtesy Stuart Miles

Speaking of tools, nothing is worse than getting set up only to find that the tool you need isn’t even in inventory. Your shop can’t operate as smooth as the finish you get from your CNC fly cutter if you can’t even find your fly cutter! Keep an accurate inventory of your tools and make sure each tool returns to its proper place.

Use tool trays and collet trays to organize and transport from tool area to machine area. The tool and collet trays made by Sierra American Multi-Systems are numbered for further organization. Just set up the tray in sequence and you are ready to roll (or cut, drill, or slice). You won’t spend 20 minutes looking for the extension you need to do a 15 minute job.

Get Focused

This is probably the toughest resolution to make. Get focused like a laser beam on your work. No cell phones on the floor. Cell phones and smart phones can be used during breaks and at lunch. They need to be stored away during working hours. You might consider any breach of this rule subject to capital punishment.

OK, that’s strong, but our cell phones and smart phones keep us constantly connected to the outside world and constantly distracted from the world around us. This resolution might be harder to keep than losing 10 pounds or giving up cigarettes, but you will feel just as good if you are able to keep it.

Buy American

american made CNC fly cutterWant to do your part to make our country great? Make the commitment to buy American made products. Sierra American Multi-Systems proudly makes our CNC fly cutters, saw arbors, micro drill adapters, knee stops, collet wrenches, and tray right here in the USA.

As a machinist, you are part of the made in the USA program. You aren’t fabricating in China or milling in Mexico you are part of the manufacturing process right here in America. So, why not support other companies that manufacture in the US?

If your supplier doesn’t sell Sierra American tools, tell them you demand tools made in the USA and you demand Sierra American. Find a supplier – call (800) 576-5331 today.





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