7 April 2016
7 April 2016,

Slitting or slotting saws are very handy. They can be used to create deep and narrow slots or they can be used to slice parts from a single piece of work stock.  Milling slitting saws are installed on your spindle with the use of a slitting saw arbor.   They are preferred over endmills for many cuts, especially ones that are considerably deeper than they are wide. In these applications, the slitting saw will do a better job and it will do it faster.

slitting saw blades need special slitting saw arbors

Picking the Slitting Saw Blade

When picking the slitting saw blade for your job it’s important to get the right number of teeth for your application. Use a higher tooth count for a clean, finished cut.  Very fine toothed slitting saws are referred to as jeweler’s saws.

You can find slitting saw blades made of carbide or high speed steel.  Make sure you pick the right blade material for the work you will be cutting.

Get the thickest saw blade your operation will tolerate. It will be much more stable and perform with fewer problems.

Use the right size saw blade. Most are about 3” to 4” in diameter.  The larger the diameter of the saw, the more problems with runout and wobbling you will have.

Balance Feeds and Speeds

                     Balance Feeds and Speeds

Feeds and Speeds

Slitting and slotting cuts are ultra precise.  You want to make sure you get the feeds and speeds correct.  Be sure to use software that is designed specifically for slitting saw cuts.  Since many slitting saw blades are delicate; they are easy to destroy when feeds and speeds aren’t accurate.

When making deep cuts, there are two schools of thought.  One is to make multiple cuts that start shallow and progress deeper and the other is to make the cut all in one pass.  Cutting in one pass is based on the premise that chips won’t be cleared and will cause problems on subsequent passes. If the proper feeds speeds and fluids are used, this shouldn’t be a problem.  Most experienced machinists prefer to make a series of passes.

slitting saw arbor set

Picking a Slitting Saw Arbor

Just as important as the slitting saw blade is the slitting saw arbor. Sierra American Multi-Systems makes slitting saw arbors and general purpose arbors.

The arbor is heat treated to prevent vibration.  The deep low profile caps add rigidity and results in less slippage of the saw.   They are available individually or in sets.  Saw hole sizes range from ¼” all the way up to 1 ¼” inside diameter.

Every Sierra American slitting saw arbor is made in the USA and comes with a full 5 year warranty against defects.

You can find high quality Sierra American saw arbors where ever quality CNC tools are sold. If your supplier doesn’t carry Sierra American, ask for it by name.

If you don’t have a local supplier, contact Sierra American at (800) 576-5331 and they will find a local or on-line supplier close to you.

Demand the best. Demand Sierra American slitting saw arbors.



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