27 October 2016
27 October 2016,

Precision cutting and slitting can be scary.  CNC’ers have a leg up on manual machinists because the software does the calculating for you.  However no G-wizard will hold your saw blade without slipping and allow you to get as close to the work area as possible.  For this you need an ultra precision arbor.

Precision Cuts

Machining  for  microelectronics?  What good does it do to be able to achieve 0.01 mm position accuracy if your blade wanders like a drunken sailor?  Does your shop do work for medical or dental applications? You may have a equipment that kills harmonic resonance, but you still have a problem if you can’t get the cutter close to the work area.

Precision cuts require precision set-up, the correct fluid, the correct blade, and the correct arbor.  Get any one of these wrong and you sacrifice precision and your work material.  That thin kerf blade won’t last long without the use of fluid and the correct feeds and speeds.  Precision cuts require many things to come together just right.

Sierra American Multi-Systems can’t help with the blade, but we can make sure that the blade you select is held firmly in place and is as close as possible to the work area. We make the ultra precision arbor to secure your ultra precision blade.

Ultimate Ultra Precision Arbor

Sierra American’s ultra precision arbor was designed to reduce vibration from the ground up.  The unique Vibra-Core design allows for absorption of vibration through the arbor.  Anytime you can reduce vibration you know you are on the right track.

Many CNC applications require high speed carbide or cobalt saws.  But not all arbors are well suited for high speed applications.  The Sierra American ultra precision arbor is ready to work when you are. It is heat-treated for strength and integrity.ultra precision arborIt has an extra long reach that simply out performs all other ultra precision arbors on the market today.  Quite frankly, the more accurately your tool is held in the spindle, the longer it will last.

Arbor DiagramEach Sierra American ultra precision arbor gets your cutter as close as possible to the work area.  No other slitting or slotting saw arbor can make this claim.

Demand the Best – Demand Sierra American

You deserve the best ultra precision arbor made; you deserve Sierra American.  Each arbor is proudly made right here in the USA.  We don’t use inferior foreign-made products in our shop and you shouldn’t use them in yours.

Support American manufacturing and ask for Sierra American by name.  If your supplier tries to sell you something else, call (800) 576- 5331 and we will put you in touch with a supplier.  If you like to shop on-line, you can find our ultra precision arbor at US Shop Tools, The Tool Company, or Penn Tool Company.

Every ultra precision arbor we make is backed by a 5 year warranty.  Demand the best.  Demand Sierra American.




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