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26 July 2017
26 July 2017,

A CNC flycutter is truly a thing of great beauty.  A flycutter is any single point cutter that is used on a mill, but it is much more. It is the tool that lovingly faces any metal for a beautiful finish. Even face mill fans know there are times only a flycutter will do.

cnc fly cutters by Sierra AmericanSuperior Finish in a Single Pass

To get an ultra smooth finish with a face mill, you must adjust the cutting height of each insert individually to 0.0001″. Or you can remove all the cutters but one. Or, you can use a flycutter. But to get a superior finish, you’ve got to do it in one pass.  CNC pros recommend that you cut from right to left so the chips go away from you.

See, with a flycutter you can make a complete pass the width of the metal so the finish will be uniform. Try that with a facing head and if you make several passes to cover the width you will leave marks where the cuts overlap. Those marks are No Bueno when you are aiming for a superior finish. Flycutters make a much more shallow cut as well. That always bodes well for a fine finish.

CNC Flycutters Don’t Break the Bank

Tooling is expensive. So, when you can get a good tool that does a good job, you should go for it. Flycutters are a relatively inexpensive tool. That means you can own a variety of sizes. Use a small cutter to get the rigidity you need for small workpieces and larger cutters to handle bigger pieces in one wide swath.

You can find high quality flycutter sets for under $125.00 if you shop around. Just make sure you are buying a quality flycutter. If the tool can’t get the job done it has no value, no matter how little you paid for it.

small cnc fly cuttersUse a Quality CNC Flycutter

Finding a quality CNC flycutter is easy. Just look for flycutters made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. Each flycutter made by Sierra American is heat treated and balanced. That means you get maximum life out of the tool. Larger set screws provide stability and rigidity you need at high speed. Speaking of speed, because each flycutter is perfectly balanced, you can run at higher RPMs for the finest finish.

Sierra American supports American manufacturing because they are American manufacturers. Every tool is made right here in the USA, so you know you aren’t getting cheap, foreign knockoffs.

Demand the best, demand Sierra American. Ask for Sierra American by name wherever CNC supplies are sold. If they don’t have it, make sure they order it for you. You deserve Sierra American.




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